Doing the Most Good

Where the biking community comes together to support those who are always ready to help others.
The Salvation Army of Greater Lowell

Riding for the Most Good

This ride helps the local charity provide meals, youth groups, shelter, training and service to the people of our own Greater Lowell community.

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Registration for these rides is being handled by, a well recognized and secure site that will handle all registration and financial processing.

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Volunteers are the very key to all of the Salvation Army events. Depending on your interests, skills, or availability, we have a way for you to get involved!
Volunteers are the heart of every successful ride.

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Donating directly to the Salvation Army has always been the core of our support.
The Red Kettles are a tradition at Christmas time, but are always available online if you would like to donate directly.

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Contact Us

Got an idea? Got a question?
Send us a note via the "Contact Us" form and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

"It's amazing that so many people are getting involved. And they don't rely on a few major donors. There is literally an army of donors making any contribution they can to keep the mission going."
- Capt David Childs